Timbuk Services

Our gifts are as fun on the outside as they are on the inside! Have your online purchases gift wrapped for just $1.00 per gift, and they'll arrive ready for the special occasion! Timbuk Toys gift tags are standard, and we'll add a personalized message at your request. Colorful paper, bright ribbons - it’s a child’s dream to tear into these enticing packages! We use use curling ribbon to hold gifts together and add some colorful frill. Please note that our ribbons may get flattened in shipping, but can be "fluffed" back into curls with a little help.

If you would like to save time by placing an order online, but wish to pick up your items at one of our local stores. During the checkout process, you will have a chance to specify the store at which you would like to pick up your order.

Shopping Assistance – Our "Toy Experts" are always eager to help you find just the right gifts.  Need a suggestion? Just ask!  We think and talk about toys and play all day long, so you can be sure you’re getting an expert opinion when you need advice on shopping for toys!

Shipping – We can ship from our stores by FedEx and can usually send out your packages within a few business days of your purchase.  Better yet, browse by category or age and shop to your heart's content for yourself or out of town friends and family

In-Store Pickup – Save time by calling a store in advance and placing an order.  Search items on our website and call the store closest to you and we'll get them ready for you to pick them up.  We'll even bring them out to your car if you need!

Special Orders – We welcome special orders when you need items in large quantity or if we have run out of an item you want.   Due to wholesale ordering restrictions, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to get your item(s) ordered immediately, but we’ll try.  We also like to know your suggestions of items we don’t carry - some of our best selections have been due to customer recommendations!
Click here for additional information about special orders.

Amenities – All our stores are equipped with spacious, clean bathrooms that include changing tables. We also have available folding chairs that can be used around the store for customers who need to sit down.

Ways to Save!

Star Customer Program
This is our database of our "Star Customers".  It is an internal list used ONLY used by Timbuk Toys and tracks name, address and sales history. All customers are encouraged to participate in this program.

The benefits to being on our Customer List:

  • Facilitate returns and exchanges. We will be able to access your prior purchases, even if you forget your receipt.
  • Track your purchases in case you want to review what you have already bought.
  • Track store credits and review other applied discounts.
  • Receive holiday catalogs and occasional post cards if desired.

Snail Mail – Holiday catalogs and an occasional post card are mailed to customers on our Star Customers.  You can opt out at any time - we certainly want to avoid sending unwanted mail and wasting postage!

“Fun News” – The monthly e-newsletter from Timbuk Toys.  Star Customers automatically receive their Fun News the first week of each month and get special discounts, product info and announcements.   As with our Snail Mail program, you can opt out at any time.

Holiday Catalogs – The Timbuk Toys Holiday Catalog is produced by The Good Toy Group.

Timbuk Toys Star Card Rewards Program – Click Here for Details.