Special Orders

Timbuk Toys “Special Orders” Ordered especially for YOU!

Need something special? Are we out of a favorite toy? Tell us what you’re looking for so we can see if it’s available. We work with hundreds of specialty suppliers and have access to thousands of fabulous products! However, as a retailer, we have to adhere to the following criteria when placing wholesale orders.

Wholesale Orders

· We can only order from suppliers with whom we have accounts.

· The total cost of our orders must meet wholesale minimums.

· We have to order products by the case. If you need only one of an item that comes in a case, we will do our best to find a way of getting you the one you need. In some “cases,” you might have to purchase a full case!

· Often we can place an order immediately, but sometimes we need to wait.

· Shipping fees for expedited orders may be included in your charge.


When we order for you, we have to include your item(s) on a wholesale order for Timbuk Toys. A wholesale order generally takes a minimum of two weeks to arrive, and can sometimes take much longer. Delays occur when the supplier is temporarily out of the product, or when Timbuk Toys is not ready to place a wholesale order.

· Order Early! Ordering your item(s) well ahead of time is an excellent way to ensure they will arrive by the date you need them. If you know you will want a special item, or a lot of a certain item, we will welcome your “Special Order” months in advance! The sooner you let us know, the sooner we can fulfill your request!

Our Process

When you place a “Special Order” with us, your request will be written on a ticket and sent to the Timbuk Toys business office. Our toy buyers will then process your request!

· Regular Requests – Orders will be placed without rush. We will notify you when your item arrives at the store and hold the item for three days. Pre-payment is not required.

· Date item is needed - We try to meet request dates, but will let you know if we can’t.

· Pre-payment – Required for non-stocked items, large quantities and rush-orders.

· ETA – If you request to be notified of the estimated time of arrival, our toy buyers will contact the vendor to get verification of availability and ship dates.

· Pre-shop for the holidays! Tell us in September what you will want in December!

It’s a great way to be assured we will have what you want!