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Timbuk Toys - Returns
For a full explanation of our Return Policy, please see our About Us>Returm/Exchange Policy page at

Returns of New Items – Items are returnable within 60 days of purchase for full refund excluding shipping as long as the item is unused, unopened and undamaged.  Item and packaging must be in perfect, “as-new” condition.

Returns of Defective Items – Please see our Return Policy on our website for full details about what is returnable to us and when a vendor requires direct contact from the customer.

How to Return a Shipped Purchase to Timbuk Toys

1. Please complete the following information and return this sheet or a copy of this sheet (both sides), in your return package.
            Your Name:               
            Email Address:                    
            Phone Number(s):    
            Mailing Address:                  
How may we correspond with you? __email __phone __mail

2. On the receipt, please indicate the item(s) you are returning by noting the letter of the reason for your return to left of the item name on your receipt:
__ Didn’t like
__ No longer needed
__ Disappointed in the quality of product
__ Product was defective or damaged
__ Other

3. Please share your comments so we can learn from your experience:  

4. What remedy do you request?
Would you like a refund?__yes  __no
Would you like the item(s) to be replaced? __yes  __no
Would you like to exchange the returned item(s) for different item(s)?__yes  __no
               Please list the replacement item(s) and include style number(s) and price(s).

5. If you would like us to help you select a replacement toy, please tell us the age, gender and interests of the child for whom you are shopping.
Also include the price range you desire.

Contact Information:

            This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
            Phone: 303-743-8899

Timbuk Toys, Inc.
Attention: Returns

1900 S. Quince St., Suite B
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