FUNd-raisers at Timbuk Toys


Have a FUNd-raiser with Timbuk Toys!

A FUN and EASY program for local schools to raise FUNds!

Earn a donation for your school worth 20% of purchases at Timbuk Toys! Set up a two-week FUNd-raiser when your supporters can shop on behalf of your school by purchasing gifts or gift certificates at any of the 4 local Timbuk Toys stores or online at Families from your school can invite friends, neighbors, or even relatives from across the country to participate. The more people who shop, the bigger the donation!

  1. Schedule a Timbuk Toys FUNd-raiser by having a representative from your school contact the manager at any of our local Timbuk Toys stores to select a date and sign a FUNd-raiser Agreement.
  2. Choose a 2-week period for your FUNd-raiser.
    • FUNd-raisers start on Thursdays, end on Wednesdays, and include TWO weekends for optimal shopping!
    • FUNd-raisers can be scheduled any time January - October, once per year.
    • We do not offer FUNd-raisers in November or December.
    • Sign up early to reserve your spot on our FUNd-raiser calendar. Availability is limited.
  3. Timbuk Toys will create a customized advertising flyer that can be distributed by email, used for social media,
  4. Your school will earn a donation worth 20% of purchases when participants tell Timbuk Toys that they are shopping on behalf of your school during the selected dates of your FUNd-raiser!
  5. The donation will be based on the subtotal of goods sold, pre-tax, after any discounts have been applied. Coupons, promotions and discounts are honored, but these discounts lower the value of total sales on which the donation will be calculated. Participants can request to forgo discounts in order to maximize the donation. Fees, services and shipping charges are excluded. Returns are for Store Credit only.
  6. Gift Certificates can be purchased on behalf of the FUNd-raiser. There are never any discounts on Gift Certificates, they can be bought locally or online, and they always make perfect gifts! Remind people that the FUNd-raiser is a great time to stock up on gift certificates for birthdays and holidays!
  7. At check-out, participants must mention that they are shopping on behalf of your school. FUNd-raiser purchases are tracked using copies of sales receipts. For in-store purchases, the name of your school and the customer’s name will be noted on all FUNd-raiser receipts. Online customers will need to type in “fundraiser” followed by the name of your school in the “leave a note” box of the order confirmation section.
  8. Approximately three weeks after the completion of the FUNd-raiser, we will have your donation check and paperwork ready to be picked up by your designated representative. You will get a report showing sales from each Timbuk Toys location. We will hold copies of FUNd-raiser register receipts until the check has been picked up, in case you want to review the purchases and acknowledge the participants. Donations will be forfeited if donation checks are not cashed within six months.

Click here for a printable copy of the FUNd-raiser Agreement


Timbuk Toys Stores and Managers

Where to shop and whom to contact:

Timbuk Toys: University Hills
University Hills Shopping Center
2526 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222
Store Manager: Silvia VonFeldt
Phone:  303-756-2522

Timbuk Toys: Lowry
Lowry Town Center
200 Quebec St., Bldg 600-121
Denver, CO 80230
Store Manager: Rose Herrera
Phone:  303-366-1755

Timbuk Toys: Lakewood
Lakewood City Commons
7830 W. Alameda Ave
Lakewood, CO 80226
Store Manager: Neela Lingenfelter
Phone: 303-985-0035

Timbuk Toys: Highlands Ranch
Highlands Ranch Town Center
9315 Dorchester Street, Suite G-107
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Store Manager: Jade Rattenne
Phone:  303-346-3030