Are you curious about how things work?
Do you like to tinker with stuff, and take things apart?
If something breaks, do you want to fix it?
If you are 7 - 10 years old, come have fun experimenting with "stuff" in the Curious Kids Club at Timbuk Toys! 

We will take things apart, build new things, and invent our own creations. We will experiment with flight, balance, sound and magic. We will explore magnification, gravity, electricity and more. The world is our laboratory, and our mission is to find out how things work! The critical ingredient is CURIOSITY!

The Curious Kids Club is a place to come and have fun, while learning through experimentation. We will have a strong focus on safety and cooperation.  Every session will begin by reciting the Curious Kids Club Promise, to remind kids of these important values. (see below)  They will learn how to tie a useful knot, and then dive into activities associated with the weekly theme. We’ll end with a team challenge, where club members can apply what they figured out while experimenting. Lab coats, safety glasses, tools and materials will be provided.

If this sounds like fun, the Curious Kids Club is for you!

When and Where:
Starting In May of 2017.
Curious Kids Club will be offered at two Timbuk Toys store locations!
Sign-up in person, or call the location where you wish to register:

Thursdays   4:00-5:00
University Hills Plaza, 2525 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80220, 303-756-2522

Fridays  4:00-5:00
Lakewood City Commons, 7830 W. Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226 303-985-0035

Membership Dues:
$12 per session, minimum 3 sessions, if paid no later than one week in advance

Single session rate (pending space availability)
$15 per session

Curious Club Promise
I promise to do my part, to make our Club:
A place where all ideas are encouraged,
Where we explore, discover, build, and invent,
Where we all watch what we’re doing, so no one gets hurt.
Where we learn from each other,
And have fun while we do it!

Weekly topics include (in no particular order):
Disassembly Required - Taking things apart, All About the Buzz - Sound, I have an Idea - Inventing, Falling on Purpose - Gravity, Not Falling on Purpose - Balance, Winging It - Flying Things, Getting Stuck - Magnetism, Current Events - Electricity and Circuits, Hey You! - Communication, Fooled You! - Magic, Full of Hot Air - Balloons, All Tied Up - Making rope, knots, lashing  Pump Me Up - Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Potions and Brews - Chemistry, Nailing It - Using basic tools, I See You - Magnification and light.