Be SAFE and bring home some FUN!

Here’s how we are keeping safe:

We are working with less than 50% of our staff. 

We are following Minimum Basic Operations as defined by Colorado Dept. of Health

We are rigidly following Physical Distancing defined by Colorado Dept. of Health

We will sanitize all areas touched, wash our hands constantly, and only staff who are 100% healthy are permitted to work!


Our stores have been vacant for a week. If there had been any contamination, science tells us that this virus is now dead. 


Our toys are SAFE, and we are working hard to keep everyone SAFE!


No Contact - Store Pick-Up

(note: each store may have specific locations or directions for pick-up)

  • Call the store nearest you, or order online and indicate store pick up for shipment.

  • We will safely pack your purchase in one of our green paper bags.

  • Drive to our store and call when you arrive.

  • We’ll meet you at the door.

  • Stand back while we open up and place your bag on the sidewalk.

  • We’ll all wave goodbye.


From all your friends at Timbuk Toys

We appreciate your support!


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